3 breathing exercises that help you dissolve stress and activate your self-healing powers

Do you have breathing problems?

Then you are not alone! Everyone has breathing problems!

What conscious breathing and breathing exercises can do for our physical and mental wellbeing I will explain in this blog article and also show you simple and highly effective exercises that you can apply immediately.

You will feel fresh, relaxed, strong and vital!

An exercise from Tibetan Breath Yoga and Pranayama

Man is born with the first breath and dies with the last.

The breath is the flywheel and the driving force for the entire body!

When it comes to stress management, improving health, or even curing inflammation and chronic diseases, it is often thought of various treatments, sports, nutrition, and much more. Only a few people think about working with the respiration and supplying the body and the cells specifically with oxygen, the life energy par excellence.

We can survive for years without sport, three weeks without food, three days without water, but only 3 minutes without breathing!

Here is an overview of the healing effects that proper breathing can have for your body:

  • strengthens the heart

  • supports weight loss because it stimulates fat burning

  • strengthens the nerves

  • relieves severe headaches and migraines

  • cells can absorb nutrients again

  • cleanses liver and bile

  • detoxifies the body

  • relieves digestive problems and stomach ache

  • reduces respiratory distress and asthma noticeably

  • strengthens the kidneys and thus the sexual power

  • lowers too high and raises low blood pressure (regulates)

  • strengthens all sensory organs: eyes, nose, ears, skin

  • improves the blood count of diabetics

and an overview of the healing effects that proper breathing can have on your mind:

  • helps with stress management

  • reduces depression

  • prevents burnout

  • increases the ability to concentrate

  • relieves fatigue and tiredness

  • helps with sleep disorders

  • releases emotional stress

  • resolves fears and phobias

Use the breathing to relax or wake up

Do you know that?

You are in a stressful situation, excited or shocked by an unexpected event. Your breathing then stagnates or is restless and hangs in the chest. It then becomes difficult for you to breathe deeply and in a natural rhythm.

Just as our breathing is adversely affected by stress, when we relax it is calm and deep.

Our breathing is therefore directly related to our experience and our mental and emotional state.

We can use this fact to specifically calm and relax through conscious and deep breathing!

Likewise, we can also use breathing exercises such as the pranayama (= Sanskrit: energy control = breathing techniques) exercise "breath of fire" to wake up our energy, activate it and to awaken power in us.