Do you know lack of exercise from too much sitting, work-related stress and back pain?


Learn the effective Energy Flow method to master your health, build power and prolong your life.
It is holistic and includes Breathing Exercises, Yoga, Qi Gong, Bodyweight Exercises and Meditation.

This unique training concept can make you feel young, alive, vital and full of energy.
This is done by releasing tension, strengthening the immune system, a relaxed nervous system, fresh oxygen in the body and many other positive effects.

If you want to feel energetic, strong, balanced and free of stress and pain, then book your free trial training with me now.

Train at home, outdoors or in office. I am a mobile personal trainer, ready to help you!

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Jonas Over

Personal Trainer | Yoga & Qi Gong Instructor

Based in Dublin & Munich

+49 174 61 36 502

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