Jonas Over helps people to overcome stress and pain and to restore balance and strength in body and mind.
For many years he was struggeling with chronic fatigue, back pain and stress in his life until he came across methods like Breathing Exercises, Yoga & Qi Gong.
He experienced painlessness and a lot of fresh energy in everyday life faster than with conventional training and was also amazed about the feelings of harmony and inner joy that arise from these extraordinary methods.

Until today he learnt from several teachers and completed various instructor educations.

He teaches private clients, companys and does workshops.

It is his passion to help people achieve a healthy, vital and strong body as well as a balanced and joyful state of mind and therefore he developed an effective method, Energy Flow.

Instructor certificates Jonas gathered along his path

Medical Qi Gong

Tibetan Breath Yoga

Calligraphy Yoga

Jonas Over - Founder of Energy Flow

Yoga & Qi Gong Instructor

Based in Dublin

+49 174 61 36 502

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