Workplace stress can affect both individual well-being

and organizational performance.

Do you want fresh energy for your employees?

Use the effective "Energy Flow" method to reduce the illness rate in your company and fill the working environment with fresh energy and inspiration.

Lack of exercise from too much sitting, work-related stress and back pain are common and lead to poor health and limited employee performance.

Energy Flow is a holistic training method that includes Breathing Exercises, Yoga, Qi Gong, Bodyweight Exercises and Meditation.
It is your powerful key to a better, motivating and healthy working climate.

If you want your employees to be more efficientenergetic, strong, balanced and free of ill health, then book your free trial training with me now.

Also inform yourself about the possibility of short lectures and weekend workshops on the topic of health management at work.


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Michael Tschernow

After every Qi Gong Training I do in the morning with Jonas I feel very awake and energized for the day. My mind becomes free and I feel like reborn.


                                                                                               - Michael Tschernow

Katharina Petzoldt

Already after a short Energy Flow session (about 10 min) I feel more vitality and freshness. The exercises enhance body awareness, strengthen the organism and bring balance and inner peace. Applied as an immediate measure in case of stress, they are a quick help. Easy to learn, but highly effective!
                                                                                             - Dr. Katharina Petzold

Gosia Siwek

I benefited from Energy Flow methods significantly. My sleep became more restful, concentration and focus increased and sensitivity to stress went down. I was able to efficiently replenish my energy in the most intense period of work and studying. I needed less hours of sleep to get the same energy level. Also my body became more healthy looking. More oxygen in tissues resulted with more firm and young-looking skin. I am very grateful for these methods.

                                                                                                           - Gosia Siwek